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Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting the right wide wood plank floor for your home or commercial property requires many considerations. To support your decision-making process, we have compiled frequently asked questions of Vonderosa Wide Plank Flooring customers.

For a customized review, we can provide a free consultation at our Amherst, NH Barn Showroom. Make an appointment by calling us at 603-263-6486 or via a quick form.

No. Just on the length of the planks. Our floors are manufactured with strict tolerance regarding dimensions and stability. The ends will match precisely.

Not much to do. Mop with water and cleaner. That’s it.

Wide plank flooring is the traditional flooring. The others have been produced as lower cost options. One only needs to look at a properly installed wide plank floor to see the distinctive difference.

A wide plank allows the natural grain patterns of the wood to be accentuated. Plus, a wide plank floor has a classic traditional look and feel. A long wide plank leaves no doubt that it is real wood.

Any hardwood or softwood floor that is milled 4” or wider as long planks of 6’ to 12’ long.

All wood expands and contracts in relation to humidity. It is a hygroscopic material meaning water loving. We understand this and take measures to insure that it does not become an issue with our installed floors.

The life of the home and beyond. In a hundred years if a house is demolished the Vonderosa floor will most likely be reclaimed and used again.

No. Real wood does not fade over time. Most hardwood actually richens or darkens over time.

Bacteria, dust and dirt do not embed themselves in wood flooring, as they do in other flooring options. Simple regular maintenance such as dust-mopping, or sweeping keeps wood floors dust-free. Many people suffer from sensitivity to chemicals and toxins. Numerous studies have shown that wood flooring provides a healthier environment as Wood doesn’t retain irritating dust and microorganisms.

There are three general types of finish to use on your residential wood floor. There are also urethanes for highly durable impact resistant commercial floors.

The three most common are:

  • Penetrating Oils: The most common of these is Tung Oil. It is easy to apply, typically 4 to 5 coats. It accents the color of the wood. It is not durable, but is easy to do touch up.
  • Oil-Based Trethanes: They are easy to apply but require overnight curing between coats, typically three. They are durable, but not easy to touch up. They accent the color of the wood.
  • Water-Based Urethanes: Relatively easy to apply. They do not require as long of cure time. Two to three coats can be applied in one day, They do not accent the color of the wood.

We have sample available of flooring finished with all of these.

Any decent carpenter is capable of installing our flooring. There are companies that specialize in installing wood floors. Be sure to ask if the installer has done wide plank or just strip floors. We have installers that we highly recommend. If you like to deal with just one company, Vonderosa will be happy to quote you for the finished product.

There is a test for hardness. A round ball is pressed into a piece of hardwood floor with increasing amount of force till the hardwood crushes to a certain depth. The results of the tests produce what is called the JANKA hardness scale. The higher the rating the higher the relative hardness of the hardwood floor.

Some common species are listed here:

  • Hickory – 1820
  • Hard Maple – 1450
  • Ash – 1320
  • White Oak – 1360
  • Red Oak – 1290
  • Black Oak – 1290
  • Birch – 1260
  • Heart Pine – 1225
  • Cherry – 950
  • Red Pine – 550
  • White Pine – 380

When a plank is quarter sawn vs flat sawn it becomes twice as dimensionally stable, ie it contracts or expands half as much with change in humidity. An 8” plank of quarter sawn will have the same stability as a 4” flat sawn. If you are looking for an exceptionally wide plank floor but want to minimize seems this is an option.

As for appearance, the quarter sawn plank will have a very pleasant vertical grain look. In some species (white oak in particular) the appearance of flecks on the plank adds to the unique and preferred appearance.

Quarter sawing is typically time consuming and not an efficient way to saw therefore the cost of the finished floor is more expensive.

Because real wood is sensitive to moisture as it relates to dimensional stability. When wood absorbs moisture from the air it expands slightly. When the air around that wood becomes dryer the wood contracts slightly. Acclimating the plank flooring to the house gives the planks time to adjust to the moisture content of the home prior to install. This will minimize any change in dimension over time. That way you will minimize seems and or buckling in the finished floor.

The proper way to acclimate the planks is to sticker them inside the home for approximately two weeks. To sticker is to place small (1”) sticks between each plank as the planks are stacked. This allows air to flow to each plank. At Vonderosa Wide Plank Flooring we provide this service.

Vonderosa Wide Plank Flooring pricing is dependent on the following variables:

  • Woods species and source
  • Width of floor boards
  • Sawing (quarter, rift, flat) to produce certain looks and effects
  • Portion of saw log used (heart wood, sapwood)
  • Grade of cut (clear, character, rustic)
  • Special machining (chamfered edges, scraping, distressing, etc.)

During a consultation, we will educate you on these options and listen to your ideas to determine the best solution for you. To make an appointment contact us.

Vonderosa Wide Plank Floor customers are often impressed how well the premium Vonderosa product favorably compares in price to the national brands.

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