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Wide Plank Flooring Client Reviews

Vonderosa Wide Plank Flooring clients are passionate about their experiences and the amazing value they receive.

Just wanted to show you the progress on our floors, which we love so much. Our finisher said he never gets excited about floors anymore but this floor did it! We kept it in the house for more than 2 weeks before install and it’s looking great! Just one more coat of polly on it and we can start using the room this weekend! Hand picking the boards was the best thing ever!


This is one sweet floor! I know that I may have been a bit of a challenge during the shopping process. It was difficult for me to believe that you guys could produce a floor of this impeccable quality at such a price savings over the Carlisle Floor brand, which I was told was the best. When friends ask is this a Carlisle Wide Plank Floor? I’m proud to say ‘no, it’s a Vonderosa Wide Plank Floor’!

Karen G.

The floors look great. And the Maple has a lot more interesting almost tiger look to it than I would have thought when we first saw the boards – lots of subtle character.


If you have people wondering about having you mill their tree(s) for floor boards, don’t hesitate to have them call us for a reference. I’m so glad we had you make the boards-of coarse it’s a conversation topic about where the wood came from, and I will be sure to mention you and Vonderosa as the mill.

Caroline S.

Ann called us from Bedford NH and said she was sad to say she had to remove a massive Sugar Maple tree from their property. They loved the tree but it was growing into the foundation of there home. She wanted to know if it was possible for us to salvage something from the tree. We wound up producing for her a 16” wide truly unique floor that her family will continue to enjoy for years to come.


In researching alternatives to Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, I came across a review of Vonderosa. I actually talked directly to the owner of the company, who invited me up to their barn showroom. Needless to say, I got an amazing education by Brett (the owner) and too boot not only was their product a superior alternative to Carlisle, it was less expensive. After visiting numerous flooring stores, being in their barn showroom in such a picturesque location made me feel right at home.

Ann & Paul R.

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